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Epidemic ~ TDM

Either if you are a Brit or a German, you have the possibility
to choose between all the weapons.

You can earn killstreaks like grenades, money, airstrike, ...
We also have modern weapons, you can choose them by pressing V and 9.

There's a Shop Menu which can be opened
by pressing V and then 4 or 5.
This includes smoke, grenades, zombie mode and much more...

Epidemic ~ ZOM

When you join the game, you will spawn as a zombie.
When all the hunters are killed or when the round time limit
is reached, a new round will start.

The last hunter of the previous round will be the first zombie
of the new round, everyone else will respawn as a hunter.
The first zombie can only be bashed.

Once you die as a hunter, you will become a zombie and
need to help the other zombies to kill all the hunters.
You can use shops as zombie and as hunter by pressing v + 4 or v + 5.

Hunters can also get killstreaks to kill more zombies,
for example a grenade or a mine.
Once a zombie picked up 2 heart pieces, he can become a hunter himself.

Kill zombies/hunters to gain exp and level up.
Levelling up will unlock new and better weapons
to use against the zombies.